AGR is an information system for automated gathering, processing, delivery and representation of geological data. AGR saves up to 10-50 million rubles per exploration project. By now, over 70 installations of the system have been made across Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Algeria, etc. AGR is a patented system which also obtained an expert evaluation report of the State Committee for Reserves and Rosnedra. Currently, the project is at the expansion stage (new investments and a strategic partner are invited to develop the AGR-based system for mineral resources management in a mining company).


From a geographical point of view, the company’s target markets are Russia and the CIS (Kazakhstan in particular), ex-Soviet republics, China, India, Iran, Mongolia, most of African countries (namely Algeria and Sudan).


  • Mining companies (Polymetal, Norilsk Nickel, Russian Platinum, Kazzinc, Kazakhmys and others).
  • Service companies.
  • Geology schools and colleges.


  • State surveying companies (Rosgeologia, Kazgeologia, ORGM and others).
  • National geological funds (Rosnedra, Kaznedra and others).

Application area (according to deposit types):

  • Hydrocarbon deposits. 
  • Hardcommercialmineraldeposits.

Application area (according to stages):

  • Prospecting.
  • Exploration.
  • Mining. 


Innovative IT solutions for automated exploration.

Key product – AGR information system.

Founded in 2015, LLP “AGR Software” is an innovative technology company that supplies the AGR system.  

The company’s corporate structure consists of various departments: software development, implementation and technical support. Currently, both the AGR platform and AGR-based solutions are being actively developed in order to provide an effective solution for automation of exploration projects at any stage (prospecting, surveying, mining). 

The company is based in Saint Petersburg.

Investment opportunities

The AGR project is open to Strategic Partnership / Investments.


The project regularly takes part in different investment events (Web&Tech Ready, Ingria DemoDay, GenerationS, РВК InfraFund, etc.).


In December 2015, the project was approved by the Investment Committee of the St. Petersburg Industrial Development Fund (earlier known as the Pre-seed Investments Fund). At the moment, the project is ready to raise capital: the company has an available business plan, consolidated intellectual property, and independent investment appraisal.

Till now no external investments were attracted. Business development is based on the company’s revenue. 

Team [2]

Rostislav V. Bilik
Rostislav V. Bilik

Director General, PhD in Technical Sciences. In 2000 graduated...

Mikhail F. Kornilov
Mikhail F. Kornilov

Development Director, PhD in Geological and Mineralogical...