On March 14th, 2017, Skolkovo held Foresight session «Geology of the Future-2050».

The event aimed to outline new trends and most crucial experiences and challenges for geology. The results of the discussions and brainstorms will become the base for the industry roadmap.

Roman Panov, Director General at «Rosgeology» JSC, has brought Digital Geology into focus as one of the key industry development trends. This means digitizing of geology data, creation of global geology databases and powerful computer systems for model building.

«AGR Software» participated in the working session in the person of Rostislav Bilik, Director General, and Mikhail Kornilov, Development Director. It’s worth mentioning that the AGR project undoubtedly fits the trend and, being fully Russian Skolkovo-based solution, has a great potential for merging into the development strategy of Digital Geology 2050.

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