ScratchDuino is a unique robotics platform designed for the education of future innovators. The children can use it to comprehensively learn robot programming and building, since both open software and open hardware principles of the project allow for children from the age of 5 to understand how the technology works in-depth.

The idea of ScratchDuino is that the devices should be studied in-depth. This means that the students should not only be able to understand the basics of the functioning of the device, but they should also be able to build a similar device from the scratch. We use open source software and hardware, which can be used and improved to any extent. This approach allows for the children to understand the very core of the technology, thus unlocking the potential for innovation.


According to the head of the «Robotics: The engineers of the innovative Russia» education program M. Petrov, the educational robotics kits market of Russia is rapidly growing. By 2016 the sales of educational robotics kits in Russia are forecasted to be 3000000 of units.

Another perspective market for ScratchDuino is Finnish market. The amount of schools and universities of Finland is relatively small, yet this market is important as the ground for penetration of the international market.

We define the following customer segments:

1)Educational facilities (Schools, colleges, universities; hobby clubs, supplementary education institutions (programming, electronics and robotics)

2)Individuals (Parents of 7-15 years old children; IT specialists/Electronics amateurs)

3)Businesses (Educational robotics distributors; robotics educational clubs for children franchise companies)


Key members of ScratchDuino team work in the area of free and open source software and hardware for education since 2000.

2006 Scratch and Arduino have been used in the educational projects for the first time, namely in seminars for students and teachers.

2008Joint Scratch promotion campaign with Intel, teachers' feedback is received. Aside of that, ScratchDuino team takes part in work manual and programming language interface translation to Russian language.

2009ScratchDuino team works on the projects of bringing open source software to Russian schools. Company agrees to a contract with "BINOM" publishing house which facilitates the curriculum penetration by open source software.

2010ScratchDuino idea is proposed in the form of two devices (Laboratory and Platform) which can help children in robotics and programming studies.

2010 The project goes through the validation process in Moscow schools, aside of that it receives funding from FASIE (Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises).

2013ScratchDuino is validated for schools of Kazan.

2013At the annual "IT planet" competition ScratchDuino lauches its own "Robotics construction site" ( with more than 900 participants.

2013-2014 Project receives two Google Rise awards.

2014 The company won "FinLanding" contest run by the government of Finland which opened the Finnish market for ScratchDuino. Same year ScratchDuino received a prize from the government of Saint Petersburg for the best innovative product in the industrial sector.

20142.0 ScratchDuino software is developed for the Android devices which allowed to teach children starting from the age of 5.

2014ScratchDuino is validated for the schools of Saint Petersburg.

2014Finland's Lappeenranta University of Technology has procured ScrachDuino.

2015The project receives funding from FASIE (Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises) for commercialization.

2015ScratchDuino 2.0 software is released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

2015ScratchDuino enters the international market under the ROBBO brand ( At the same time ScratchDuino robots enter the validation process for the schools of Finland.

2015The company wins the “Exporter of the year” contest with the ScratchDuino project in the “Breakthrough of the year” nomination.

Investment opportunities

The current goal of the project is the development of sales in Russia and Finland and the beginning of European and international sales.

Currently the project is looking for the financing for the fourth round of investment due to the rapid expansion of international sales.

Team [6]

Andrey Smirnov
Andrey Smirnov

Project leader, CTO

Ekaterina Lvova
Ekaterina Lvova

Developer, teacher

Kristina Zelova
Kristina Zelova

International manager (Finland)

Pekka Viljakainen
Pekka Viljakainen

Project mentor (Finland)

Pavel Frolov
Pavel Frolov

Project producer