Teleport is the platform for the P2P powered and piracy proof streaming content delivery.

Both technologies of P2P distributed content delivery and forenzic watermarking are separately exist for a long time. But definitely the makret demands complex solution. Teleport engineers could split together both approaches, and literally invented the P2P protocol from white list.

We start our alfa version of teleport in June 2016 with a number of signifiant Runet media sites.

Now Teleport is pending for patent in Russia (RU, 2015145019, 20.10.2015). PCT application is also in progress.


Teleport market is formed by all content providers that anyway face great costs of their content delivery infrastructure. And especially those who feel the reduce of quality in the highloaded pike demand periods.

In other words they are:

  • TV-channels who broadcats their video stream online;
  • VOD services;
  • News sites
  • Sports live streaming services

Teleport will be competenig to a number of CDN products. If we take into account the Cisco researches, we could define that the "video content delivery share" takes $3,35B in 2015, and to the 2020 it will grow to $12,5B that shows us a 30 CAGR.


Teleport project in designed and developed by the Piratepay team.

Piratepay – is the anti-piracy product for illegal p2p connection breakdown in Bittorrent protocol. Piratepay clients are producers and right holders from Russia, Japan, USA, India and other countries.

5-year experience of development of counter-piracy methods on Bittorrent gave us the theam with unique technical expertise. This helps us to develop the best p2p-based technical solutions.

Team [3]

Aleksei Klimenko
Aleksei Klimenko

CTO, Technology creator

Dmitri Shuvaev
Dmitri Shuvaev

Business Development Executive