Dear partners and friends,

It's the most beautiful time of the year!

Christmas holidays and the New Year's Eve are coming. Teleport is ready for a holiday peak due to the great work that we have done - we have proved that we can serve 1,000,000 simultaneous spectators without loss of quality.

Yes We Can

We have made a series of necessary tests with the result achieved after challenging FIFA World Cup 2018. The most popular game that Teleport was responsible for regarding broadcasting, was the Russia-Croatia game when we have successfully withstood a load of 375,000 simultaneous viewers and 300 Gbps of traffic generated in our peering network. And now, we grow and develop to be sure that we can successfully hold 1,000,000 viewers and 1 Tbps of speed in peering.

One More Great News

We've launched a new tariff plan with charging not for the volume of traffic in peering but charging for the number of viewers. No need to count billions of bytes anymore. Now, choosing a new tariff plan, it doesn't matter what signal do you use in the broadcast - 240p or 1080p - the cost of using Teleport will be the same (in proportion to the number of viewers who could download videos with our technology using peering).

Join the most advanced media content delivery technology, 4 times more effective than any CDN.

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Yours sincerely,

Santa Teleport

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