We use our network protocol over WiFi peer-to-peer technology. Our protocol organizes dynamic "chains" of devices to deliver short messages to control students tablets and send stats from many tablets to the tablet of teacher very quickly. In other words protocol creates autonomous network

teacher tablet-> students tablets->teacher tablet. All content is downloaded beforehand to the students devices and doesn't require transferring of large amounts of data during the course of lesson which allows it to work very quick. Our algorithm of protocol bear virtually no limit on connected devices, while access-point networks usually have limit of 15 devices per access point on budget devices ( modem). Our solution allows teacher tablet to create mixed network - with peer-to-peer and also

conventional WiFi network for tablets that don’t support peer to peer technology. The class can work not only in autonomous network, but also can connect remote students through school server and internet/

intranet. System allows to create dynamic multi-session of two-way information transfer from teacher to students and back with highest possible speed. It allows to control all class or make assignments to

selected students only. Teacher can test students and get stats in real time. Make queries and conduct exams. Classes can be equipped with 33 and more tablets and require no additional equipment, allowing to work in natural surroundings. Materials can be downloaded through the local WiFi, internet, e-mail, USB from computer and we also developing a way to download content to the students devices through the network broadcast mechanism. To develop content we use technologies Verimag developed to create interactive electronic publications for tablets (more than 500 projects of publications without the class technology, more than 100000 users of Verimag-based Apps). The application program Composer

has been developed by us (on a Mac OS X) and is currently used for creation of courses. We also prepare instruments for teachers to develop test sessions for existing courses and later to develop their

own courses on a tablet. Verimag - mobile classroom on tablets (without external access point and Internet) was demonstrated in November 2015 in Apple Russia, Moscow State Lomonosov University,

LANIT Education (INDIGOS), Mobile education systems Institute (IMOS) on conferences "Education Day" in Skolkovo 2015, International Science-Practical conference "Building XXI century school" autonomous

work on 33 devices and was hailed especially on speed of reaction to the teachers commands and realtime stats display. As an example we created «Electronic training course Kaizen on the basis for lean technologies. Toyota production system.» on the order of Oleg Deripaska fund «Volnoye Delo».


Today tablets are increasingly popular in grade schools and hi-schools. They are used for presentation of materials and to survey students achievements. Also these new technologies are explored by business for HR management, personnel survey or even sales. Tablets are now major trends in these areas. Development of the tool for creation of publications on the tablet for the teacher (and for pupils) — everyone now has to present the ideas to schoolmates within approach of PBL (problem based learning) which sale will be our business plan.


Verimag LLC (Moscow, Russia)

Team [3]

Abalyaev Maxim Valentinovich
Abalyaev Maxim Valentinovich

Role in the project (position in the company) CEO «Verimag...

Ionov Denis Valeryevich
Ionov Denis Valeryevich

Technical realization of the project, development and management...

Kazakova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Kazakova Ekaterina Vladimirovna

Design, imposition, maketing, accounts department. Development...