Ionov Denis Valeryevich

Technical realization of the project, development and management of development, interface design, discussion of the ideas and technologies of the project. 24 years experience of software development. Main development area - interactive electronic publications. 1996 - electronic library shell "AXE" and CD-ROM with multimedia materials from magazine on history for children "Troy". 1998 - system for Power Mac classroom "Survey+". 2000 - joined Maxim Abalyaev team on development FineReader 5 Pro for Mac (ABBYY and Sound and Vision). After FineReader team developed system of storage and retrieval of electronic documents "SESAME" with fuzzy search. Worked as a teacher for informatics in Moscow school #7. 2005-2013 worked as a programmer in stomatology clinic"Megastom" where developed and managed development of information systems. Since 2010 developing Verimag system. Since 2013 developing Composer authoring system for Verimag. Since 2015 developing extended version Verimag - mobile classroom on tablets (without external access point and Internet). Key experience related to the project area: Teacher, student, developer, manager Education (higher educational institution, specialty, etc.): Graduate of Moscow city open pedagogical university. Teacher of mathematics and information technology. Postgraduate studies Moscow city pedagogical university. Method of teaching informatics.