Kleiber bionics LLC


Project is aimed at the development and commercialization of affordable bionic prosthetics Kleiber, not inferior in functionality and quality to import analogues, for people with varying degrees of upper limb amputation.

Bionic prostheses Kleiber (Solo, Duo, Trio) intended to be used in rehabilitative medicine to restore the lost opportunities of people affected by varying degrees of amputation of the upper extremity, congenital or acquired pathology (paralysis after a stroke, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, various forms of Amelie).

Kleiber Solo bionic prosthesis wrist is a basic model of Kleiber prosthetic line (Duo, Trio). It provides a secure grip household items, partially restoring the lost opportunity. High models of Duo and Trio include in its membership the additional elements - the movable upper arm and shoulder, respectively.

Kleiber Solo allows for robust grasp objects of weighing up to 4 kg for subsequent manipulation with 12 patterns, and allows you to move loads (bags) weighing up to 15 kg.

Kleiber Solo provides the user with tactile feedback due to the specially developed tactile sensors mounted on the prosthetic finger pads. The use of tactile sensor enables automatic grip of objects without first selecting the grasp pattern, adjusting to the arbitrary shape object.



Millions of people in the world (~ 6.8 mln. People) are suffering from the loss of the upper limbs.

The reasons for the loss of the upper limb:

  • (~ 57%)  Traumatic and nontraumatic amputation
  • (~ 39%) Acquired diseases (myodystrophy, contractures, limb paralysis after a stroke)
  • (~ 4%) Congenital diseases (Duchenne muscular dystrophy, various forms of Amelie)

The end users are men, women and children (from 5 years of age and older) with the following diagnoses:

  • Partial amputation (fingers of the hand, wrist, the forearm, the shoulder portion)
  • Complete amputation of the upper limbs
  • Paralysis of the upper limbs
  • Various forms of muscular dystrophy, and contractures

Market trends:



Company "Kleiber bionics" was created in 2016 for the development and commercialization of bionic prostheses upper limb.

Employees of the company have 13 years of experience developing embedded solutions and software. Take part in the project for the development of an anthropomorphic gripper. Carried out more than 8 robotics projects, 3D machine vision systems, embedded control systems, embedded software, passive depth sensor on the basis of stereo cameras, conducted the development of the actuator with high torque and controlled stiffness.


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