We know the main customers’ complaints about SIEM and claimed functional, that is why we have made the best solution:

Quality: “symptomatic model” of finding solution

Speed: 90,000 events per a second for a node

Convenience: fast access to any data for any period

Compact storage: store only important data for long period and reforge inessential information

Safety: no losses while overloading (buffering)

Flexibility: normalization and scale of any component to any server

Asset continous monitoring: extract any data of asset life and health

User profiling: collect and agregate query, interest, emails, social pages, user behavior in real time

Analytics: real-time and big data for detect threats automatically, without pre-defined rules



- are a team of professionals in the sphere of information security

- have implemented more than 200 successful projects

- have more than 10 successfully implemented projects for IT, IS and finance requirements


- develop SIEM-AI system