Smart farming system is both software and hardware complex with cloud service for farmers, which solves the problem of cost overruns of resources (fertilizer, water, POL, arable land) and raises farm productivity due to automation of vehicles and field equipment.

Competitive advantages

  • Use of computer vision technology for precise  determination of current  vehicle position
  • Doesn’t require any prior preparation of field 
  • The possibility of full automation and complete human replacement
  • High performance and lowering expenses without additional infrastructure
  • Safety control operation

The essence of innovation

  • High positioning precision of the complex is the result of multiplexing data from different sources: visual odometry, laser scan of the furrows and TOF camera.
  • Furthermore, modular adaptive software kernel provides fully autonomous work and safety in case of emergency.


Global market of smart farming is assessed $ 2,61 billions in 2016 with expected growth up to $ 4,5 billions by 2020. Russian market is $ 204 millions. Target clients are agroholdings with 5000+ hectares (83% of the market).

The user of our system is a tractor driver, in the nearest future - intellectual field operator. Agricultural companies have 2 options to use our solution:

  1. Buy system and install it on a tractor they use
  2. Buy tractor equipped with our system Hence, we have two sales streams, or two types of clients:
  • Agricultural companies. Direct sales (B2B)
  • Manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Indirect sales (B2B)

The first channel requires technical support and prompt customer service, but provides faster revenue growth. The second channel requires deep and time consuming interaction with manufacturers, but in strategic perspective it is very sustainable and beneficial in case of successful implementation.


The current status of the project

  • Fully autonomous prototype was developed and showed the efficiency of key algorithms
  • An agreement is signed to conduct field tests with the arable farm
  • Patent apply is processed at the moment for the software solutions



ARS team consists of highly professional specialists with wide experience in commercial development of autonomous robots for specialized purposes, researches in robotics and agriculture, business executives and widely specialized software developers.

Investment opportunities

We currently seek industrial partners among manufacturers of agricultural machineries and agribusinesses. Also we need investments to create industrial-level model and turn to mass production.

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