Ph.D. Professor at Gubkin University Expert in mathematical and software solutions for solving various oil and gas upstream problems. Focus on Production and Completion Analysis, Seismic Inversion, Fracture Detection and Characterization, Automatic Geosteering, and Gravity and Magnetic Data Inversion and Modeling. 19 years of work on various management, technical, and sales positions at Schlumberger, the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. Experience of project management and acting as a team leader of the teams creating large-scale program systems (e.g.: air geophysical processing and interpretation system, cartographic system). Inventor and co-inventor of new and innovative geophysical technologies and methods, many of which are patented in the United States and Russia. Experience of implementing the invented technologies in such systems as Petrel - Ocean Plug-ins (Shlumberger products) and providing guidance for internal and external users in applying them in resource identification and characterization. Developer of mathematical models and working C# prototypes for all functionalities with more than 30 years of programming experience (Fortran, C, C++, C#). Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications, frequent speaker at international geophysical conferences and seminars. Citation index: 242 H-index: 8 Google Scholar