Nikita Romashkin

Lead Architect, Development Team Leader c. Description of functions, tasks, activities to be performed by the project team member in the project. Comprehensive control over the software development process. Making key architectural decisions. Writing the code. Code review. Fast identification and elimination of difficulties that prevent developers from performing their tasks with maximum efficiency. Analysis of new technologies in relevant fields. Training developers. Arranging the development process with due regard to both cutting-edge and time-proven approaches to software development such as continuous integration (CI), TDD, DevOps and others. Area of interests and professional achievements. Over 4 years of working as a professional Java developer, Nikita has grown from an intern position to being an expert in developing complex enterprise systems. Prior to this, he was involved in academic research at National Research University – Higher School of Economics for another 4 years, took part in a number of scientific projects, including a few international projects, in the area of creating algorithms and software for the mathematical simulation of semistructured knowledge domains. Nikita has a vast practical experience and is confident with both backend and frontend technologies. He has developed distributed systems based on micro-service architecture. He has a huge experience in the administration and operation of cluster in-memory data warehouses. In early 2014, Nikita developed an architecture and prototype for an event-based contextual marketing solution that was later implemented at VimpelCom Ltd. Subsequently, the prototype became a robust system that currently processes millions of events per day in real time. While working on this solution, Nikita gained valuable practical experience in using cutting-edge open-source technologies for distributed data processing, such as Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Redis, Elasticsearch and Apache Spark. Education (institution, major, etc.), degree, title. Master of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (“Mathematical Simulation” Program), National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2010–2012 Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2006–2010