Over 25% of agricultural products are wasted  as a result of deterioration. The main reason is the phytopathogenic microflora inhabiting the soil, surface of the agricultural products, packaging.

The microorganisms on the surface of foods  can cause infectious diseases of humans and animals, produce highly toxic substances with mutagenic and carcinogenic properties, causing acute and chronic poisoning of the human body.

Our experts have developed an antimicrobial protection additive based on a zinc-containing chelate, which has a fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal and algicidal properties.

The  additive has low toxicity (Class 4 – practically non toxic)  when applied to the skin, in the form of vapor inhalation, when administered parenterally, it has no skin-resorptive and sensitizing effect.

Biocidal mechanism of the drug  is related to inhibition of enzyme systems of microorganisms and antimetabolic action, which complicates the formation of resistance to these microorganisms. Therefore,  developing resistance towards  this antimicrobial additive  is almost impossible.

When the additive is introduced to active package materials for food storage, it allows to increase shelf life of grocery, meat, bread and grain 2-3 times.

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