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Prime is a system for the interpretative processing of 2D/3D/4D/3C/4C seismic data. Distinctive feature of the system is its focus on depth-velocity model building and obtaining of deep dynamic images of environment with an option of results verification and the usage of a priori information.

Prime allows processing of onshore and offshore wide-azimuth or narrow-azimuth complex data due to unique technologies and algorithms, interpretative processing, provable results, interactivity, high technological efficiency, parallel computing, distribution using SaaS model.


In 2013 the volume of the Russian market of software for geophysical services made 440 million USD.

Market volume in 2018 will make 660 million USD.

The software for seismic processing/interpretation is about 25-30% of total volume (200 million USD). 


“Seismotech, Ltd.” company was founded in 2010. For more than 25 years of team’s activity in the fields of seismic data processing, geophysical software development and scientific researches, the unique team of like-minded specialists has been created as the basis of the company. Nowadays the company employs more than 20 specialists.

The founder of the team and the author of the concept of Prime seismic data processing system - V.M. Glogovskiy (1936-2008) – a doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, an outstanding mathematician and a geophysicist. He developed an applicable theory of the inverse kinematic problem solution - the creation of the depth-velocity model with an estimation of its validity and consistency. V.M. Glogovskiy developed and implemented in practice the interactive approach at every stage of processing workflow. This approach allows to take a priori information into account in order to make geologically meaningful decision.

Nowadays “Seismotech, Ltd.” provides a range of services, including all necessary for seismic data processing:

-Prime software licensing and support;

-rent of Prime software, preinstalled at the computing resources of the company (SaaS); 

- execution of projects on processing of 2D/3D/4D/3C/4C seismic data using Prime software, 

-scientific researches and development for specific tasks of customers; 

-consulting in the field of seismic data processing using Prime software.

Team [5]

Dmitry Mosyakov
Dmitry Mosyakov

General Director Since the company foundation Dmitry is the...

Oleg Silaenkov
Oleg Silaenkov

Chief Geophysicist Oleg oversees the strategic planning and...

Langman Sergey
Langman Sergey

Chief Software Developer Sergey supervises the following...

Kuznetsov Ivan
Kuznetsov Ivan

The Head of Seismic Data Processing Department Ivan leads...

Finikov Dmitry
Finikov Dmitry

The Head of R&D Department Dmitry leads scientific researches...