Market Music Tehnology LLC


Market Player - advanced real time marketing and broadcasting platform that helps retailers and QSR to increase sales by 16% on average and at the same time cut audio & video copyrights costs by almost 60%.



Market Player platform tracks and counts each customer in POS, recognises age and gender of a person, matches this data with a knowledge database, creates and manages music/video background playlist and delivers targeted audio/video ads to POS and QSR.


Digital Signage in POS and QSR ~ $3 billion  per year and increases by 5% per year.

Music Broadcasting in POS and QSR ~ $1 billion per year and increases by 8% per year.


Market Music was founded in 2013 and since that time we show stable growth both in revenue and customer base.



Market Music solutions has succeeded all over Russia and CIS - our network contains of 50+ chains and 5 000+ shops, cafes and gas stations.

Investment opportunities

We seek an investment for expansion to US and Brazil (round A).

Team [1]

Kirill Kirin
Kirill Kirin

CEO & Founder Serial entrepreneur Former DJ Studied Energy...