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The AvaGo platform, a social network of live broadcasts, allows users to provide almost any service to anyone from any place and become a broadcaster and present valuable content in various models.

The main goal of the Project is to make a convenient, practical and safe service among consulting platforms, and a new type of social training, where the user will always find a group of specialists and valuable content to ensure easy access to their knowledge.

Distance learning, training, remote assistant and advice.

Live broadcast, where everyone can start broadcasting from one place to several destinations at the same time to a wide audience. This includes a presentation, open trainings, conferences, practical lessons, seminars, as well as broadcasts of sports, events or even television programs. The user can broadcast live to a wide audience to encourage potential users to switch to individual calls later. Last but not least, broadcasters gain prestige and strengthen their experience.

This is an ideal solution thanks to which many professionals participating in live events throughout Russia quickly get access from any place.

Anyone can access any broadcast. An open market will determine the price of broadcasting (in cases of paid broadcasts) and transcoding / rebroadcasting based on supply and demand for specific programs and other services.

The AvaGo application is a place where each content provider / creator of services can provide services via online (Internet and mobile) video and audio broadcasting, while each user / viewer of services can quickly use it by searching for reliable professionals who are ready to provide these services . The platform can be compared with the online market for live video services, where each consumer can find specialists, talented people and companies serving various types of services, such as: medical consultations, legal advice, other professional consultations or, for example, guitar lessons, both online and online mobile apps. The sender and the receiver establish a connection using their preferred format and quality without the problems of broadcast scalability and the need for Transcoders and Relay Nodes. This is an effective way to provide medical advice and online training courses with integrated and easy-to-use payments.

The AvaGo platform can participate in the resolution of disputes in the event of a dispute between the sender and the Recipient.


Key facts and figures

• Live streaming video will further accelerate the overall share of streaming video in Internet traffic.

According to streaming video, more than two thirds of all Internet traffic is expected to grow to 82% by 2020, a Cisco June 2016 Visual Networking report said.

• The value of a live video depends on its unique ability to add an authentic human element to a digital connection. As a result, brands use three main streaming methods to communicate with their viewers: tutorials, product releases, and exclusive and backstage footage.

• Advertisers will continue to invest heavily in online video, especially since streaming live video increases cravings. Already in the US, revenue from digital video ads in 2015 reached $ 7.8 billion. USA, which is 55% more than in 2014, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.

• While live streaming is still in its early stages, brands use micropayments, mid-roll videos and direct payments from social platforms to monetize their live video in real time.

Rends are increasingly using streaming to reach audiences. Its importance has increased significantly due to significant investments in social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter for creating and improving its streaming platforms.

According to a recent survey of Trusted Media Brands, about 88% of the respondents from the agency said that they “may” or “finally will” invest in live video advertising over the next six months.

The global live video streaming market was estimated at $ 30 billion in 2015 and is estimated to grow by more than 16% from CAGR from 2017 to 2024 to reach $ 36 billion in 2024, and we are going to fill the gap in form of live services and paid public broadcasts.

Such a strong market growth is expected due to the growing number of online users, technological advances, the development of high-quality content and an increase in the number of subscribers for various streaming channels.

According to a new report by London-based Futuresource Consulting, 2014 was the year of the breakthrough of online video in the UK. The market grew by 55% and reached 600 million pounds.

This amount doubled in 2014. The main players in SVOD were Net flix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Now TV, all of which showed an increase last year.

More than 7 million British households have subscribed to the SVOD service in 2014, and that number will grow (according to Futuresource forecasts) to 13.6 million by 2019.

Some forums predict that the VOD market will grow from $ 25.30 billion. US in 2014 to 61.40 billion dollars. USA in 2019, while during the forecast period it will be 19.4%. In terms of regions, North America is expected to become the largest market in terms of revenues, while the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) are expected to experience market gains.


The Research Institute of Innovative Technologies was created in 2016.

Non-profit center of attraction for developers of high-tech projects and the development of new global innovations.

In 2017, an “Internet-project using open public financial data” was created.

September 8 at the Moscow Financial Forum 2017 received a prize from the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Siluanov AG for the development of open data infrastructure of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

In 2018, we implemented a project - the Cross-Platform Loyalty Program of the decentralized blockchain loyalty platform "Rucoin Loyalty".

We are actively developing the draft social network live-broadcasts AvaGo.

Investment opportunities

The team requires an investment of 12.5 million rubles. for the implementation of the next stage of the development of the project for remote broadcasting AvaGo.

Team [2]

Aleksey Luchko
Aleksey Luchko

Project Manager Research Institute of Innovative Technologies

Alfiya Serechenko
Alfiya Serechenko

Head of Financial Department of the Research Institute of...