We offer a solution to the major problem of modern society: allergy and asthma

"We could just put a cow in everyone's house and no one would have asthma anymore but of course that's not easy" once said Carole Ober, a Chicago scientist who studied why Amish do not have asthma. Dr. Ober meant that it's not easy to recreate rural atmosphere which would contain dairy cow-associated microbiota.

Well, we put a cow in your house and it comes in a bottle and a tube (no animals harmed!). Our products comprise lysate of beneficial bacteria which fine-tunes baby's immune system from the moment of birth just the same way this would happen naturally in a farmhouse.


Regions: our product can atrract customers all over the world with a correspondent marketing and logistic suport.


Customers: our customers are primarily parents of high-risk infants (i.e. having a parent or sibling with allergy). Product niche is selective cosmetics, i.e. highly differentiated formulations with sofisticated ingredients which are more expensive compared to mass market.


Market volume: In Russia, selective cosmetics for atopics take about 1 bln rubles annually. In the EU it equals 15 bln euros with the annual growth of 2.5%. We estimate our market share potential as  100,000,000 rubles per year.


We are a small group of inventors on a mission. The idea of the project dates back to 2016 when we read a number of publications on the topic. We have invested own funds into the development of an experimental product which successfully passed a small clinical trial. After that, a decision to continue the project have been rendered and we started to search for additional funding. In 2018 the project was presented at the EAACI congress (Munich, Germany) (and was supported by the EAACI fellowship grant) where it have been met with a positive reception by the allergy experts Ulrich Wahn and Sabine Illi. At the 2018 Children Immunologists and Allergists Association Congress (Moscow) the project was presented to Avanta cosmetic company which expressed interest in collaboration.

Team [5]

Evgeniy Morkovin
Evgeniy Morkovin

Lead Developer

Boris Tolkachev
Boris Tolkachev


Mikhail Gutov
Mikhail Gutov

Pediatric immunologist Researcher physician, clinical development...