Kick  Ecosystem  — a set of 12 fintech services for B2C and B2B markets, which solves the problems of security, transparency, and accessibility of financial instruments for customers and businesses around the world in the legal field through seamless integration and synergy of blockchain services.

  • KickEX - cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders, casual enthusiasts, and institutional investors.
  • KickID - B2B2C service that is an openID, solving the problem of passing KYC over and over again. Once registered, users can easily access any part of Kick Ecosystem or 3rd party websites that use.
  • KickREF - an automated multi-level referral system, utilizing the best methods of MLM marketing. It allows users to earn money from the payments of referred users.
  • KickSPA - an automatic service for fundraising projects and tokens that are listed on KickEX, allowing users to easily buy traffic directly to their projects or tokens and pay only for the real leads.
  • KickMobile - a mobile app of the platform with KickEX, KickWallet, and fundraising platform functionality.
  • KickEX Brokers Network - a decentralized network of exchanges that interact with each other through the core of KickEX Engine, designed for governments and licensed business organizations.
  • KickDesk - a stand-alone solution for hosting STO/AIO –auction, exchange-based tokensale offering on 3rd party websites, together with KickID and KickWallet services integrated within and using KickEX network.


  • Finances
  • Cryptocurrency
  • IT


World expert in innovative blockchain crowdfunding. It was founded in 2017 and thanks to a gathered community of more than 200 000 crypto investors, it helped startups to get more than 800 000 ETH investments.

Investment opportunities

The company has been successfully funded by angel investments and is in the pre-seed round, considering the possibility of attracting investments.

Pitch Deck presentation 

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Anti Danilevski
Anti Danilevski

Founder of the KICK ECOSYSTEM project Pioneer, speaker, and...

Alexander Gnatusin
Alexander Gnatusin

CEO of KIСK ECOSYSTEM LLC. Specialist in operational business...