• There will be donuts

  • In his 2012 book “Will There Be Donuts?” author David Pearl outlines what's required to make the most of business meetings - right down to the finest, most delicious, detail. Organizers...
  • 20.05.2015
  • Drone training for the Emergencies Ministry

  • A Skolkovo startup is training Russia’s Emergencies Ministry in the art of drone piloting as the government seeks innovative new ways of responding to disasters in hard-to-reach areas. Aerob CEO...
  • 19.05.2015
  • Researching robots, honing humans

  • One of the world’s leading authorities on personal robots has delivered two lectures at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, promoting his hypothesis that the robot society of the future...
  • 18.05.2015
  • ‘Keep Calm and Make Robots’

  • In business, they say, failure is the first step on the ladder to success. If that’s true, Daria Kaftan is headed in the right direction. Daria Kaftan, the 24-year-old rock-chick innovator and familiar...
  • 06.05.2015

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