Victors in the FavorIT competition got their awards at Startup Village. FavorIT is a contest of IT projects that offer the best investment opportunities. 3D-Tek was declared the winner.

By Marina Efendieva

Marat Gainanov, of 3D-TEk, photo by

3D-Tek has developed a technology that rectifies all the key problems of digital projection allowing 3D video to be watched from a very close distance and from wide angles so the viewers can be completely immersed into the virtual world. The main prize, a check for 9 million rubles, was handed to 3D-Tek CEO Marat Gaynanov. The second prize went to Alexander Krizhanovsky’s project Tempesta FW. The third prize was awarded to Cybernetic Technologies Labs for their TRIK standardized robotics platform.

8 projects, including those offered by non-resident winners, got invitations to Skolkovo: Socmedica, Online Patent, Cybernetic Technologies Labs, IQ Planner, Athena, Lexy and Goldi S.

A special prize was given to AlgoMost, the company was selected automatically for the finals of the WebReady contest.

The results of the FavorIT competition were determined by the jury comprising representatives of the organizers of the contest: Skolkovo Foundation, Maxfield Capital, EMC Center for Research and Development, SAP Labs CIS, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Philips in Russia and other CIS countries. FavorIT’s budget totaled 23 million rubles. The projects that were named best at FavorIT will now be able to get grant financing from the Skolkovo Foundation and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, subsidies from industrial partners, investments from the Maxfield Capital venture capital fund and mentoring from all of the five organizers of the event.