The names of 14 streets at the Skolkovo Innovation Center have been registered with Moscow City Hall, the latest milestone in the development of Russia’s premier innovations hub.

The layout of the Skolkovo Innovation Center with the street names marked. Photo:

In naming over a dozen of the roads inside the 400-hectare tech park west of Moscow, Skolkovo pays homage to some of history’s greatest contributors to science and technology from Russia and the wider world.

The Russians honored in the list of street names include the inventor of the radio, Alexander Popov, aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, 18th century inventor Ivan Kulibin, artist Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir Zworykin, one of the inventors of the cathode ray television.

Foreign figures include economist Adam Smith, Alfred Nobel, Nicola Tesla, Alessandro Volta, Wilhelm Röntgen, James Maxwell, Albert Einstein and French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

Winding its way through all four districts of the innovation center is the central artery, known simply as Bolshoi Boulevard.

This month the Skolkovo Foundation received confirmation from Moscow City Hall that the names have been entered in the city registry, which is visible at