This week, the Skolkovo Foundation’s Startup Tour, which is travelling the country in search of promising tech startups, called in on the southern city of Krasnodar.

The event, held on March 14-15, attracted more than 500 entrepreneurs and scientists, who came from surrounding regions to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts.

Winners were selected in five categories. The victorious projects won tickets to the Startup Village, the biggest startup event in Russia, held at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre on June 2-3.

Winners and participating projects of Skolkovo's Startup Tour pose for a photo in Krasnodar. Photo:

The winners were:

IT category

1st place: Andrei Smirnov, for his project SmartAgro

2nd place: Alexander Vlasov, for his project Zig-Zag

3rd place: Sergei Mikhnev, for his project SNILBot – a gamification system for the process of learning programming as a professional skill

Energy and energy-efficient technologies category

1st place: Ilya Pikalov, for his autonomous energy supply system using liquefied natural gas

2nd place: Timur Sheudzhen, for his project to develop a system to purify sewage water using a microbial fuel cell

3rd place: Yury Khripko, for his coalescence method for purifying oil-containing water, sand and soil

Biological and medical technologies category

1st place: Tatyana Pochevalova, for her project to develop tissue-specific nutritive media for the cultivation of isolated cells of mammals and humans in vitro

2nd place: Magomed Aliev, for his Orthowave individual lingual braces project

3rd place: Stanislav Tregubov, for his compact syringe project

Industrial technologies and materials category

1st place: Ivan Shorstky, for his multifunctional filter valve project

2nd place: Dmitry Cherkashin, for his Moros smoke inhibition system

3rd place: Yury Mamelin, for his system for the aerial laser scanning of land

Biotechnologies in agriculture and industry category

1st place: Valeria Shakhova, for her project for the development of microcapsule forms of anti-microbe treatments for the comprehensive treatment of organs

2nd place: Tatyana Mamontova, for her technology for year-round mutton production

3rd place: Anzhela Asaturova, for her project of biological products to protect plants