Frontline Avionics, a Skolkovo resident startup that makes avionics for ultralight and experimental aircraft, has entered into partnership with M-14P, Incorporated, a family firm in Arizona that specializes in repairing and servicing Russian M14-P engines for small aircraft. Frontline Avionics will develop its Glance EFIS and AHRS products for specific use with M-14P installations, the companies announced in a press release.

Frontline Avionics' Glance EFIS system is already in use in the planes of Russia's Pervy Polyot flying club. Photo: Pervy Polyot.

The Prague-based Frontline Avionics, a resident company of Skolkovo’s space cluster, makes primary flight instruments, engine monitoring and navigation systems designed to make flying safer in any weather conditions. Their EFIS glass cockpit system can be used in airplanes, helicopters, flex-wing trikes and gyrocopters, and is designed to be operated with one hand.

Now the company will develop units specifically designed for use with M-14P engines that will be able to be installed behind even the tightest of instrument panels, the companies said.

"As a leader in the M-14P and RedStar aircraft community, we are looking to the future operation of our aircraft. It is notable that parts sources for original equipment have been depleted and repair of original units is difficult and expensive,” said Jill Gernetzke, president of M-14P, Inc., which describes itself as an “aviation blacksmith,” and performs engine overhauls and repair work on Yaks and other aircraft using M14-P engines.

M-14P, Inc. is devoted to restoring aircraft powered by the M-14P.

“Frontline Avionics is providing an attractive solution and an eagerness to take our customers' cockpits to the next generation. I am looking forward to supplying my customers with a unit that is an absolute pleasure to fly behind and a peace of mind inherent with the accuracy and reliability of the unit," said Gernetzke.

"Our mission is to make reliable, useful and affordable avionics that help pilots stay safe and comfortable in the sky,” said Nick Gribakin, CEO of the European office of Frontline Avionics.

“We work hard to create the best avionics and provide a high level of service to our clients. We’re delighted to collaborate with M-14P Inc, which supplies outstanding engines and provides an excellent service for the M-14P-powered community. Obviously, the M-14P engine and Glance EFIS were made for each other."

The companies expect their joint Glance EFIS-M-14P package to be launched this summer. 

Frontline Avionics’ Glance EFIS system is already in use in the planes of the award-winning Pervy Polyot (First Flight) flying club and aerobatics display team. The European office of Frontline Avionics recently became a member of the Czech Republic’s Moravian Aerospace Cluster, an association of 14 industrial companies, professional high schools and technical universities whose aim is the development of a competitive aircraft industry.