Best practices of popularization innovative and inventive activity

Integration of the best world edutainment formats, popularization of innovative activity and inventive acts, motivation to generate ideas are necessary for the creation of innovative business activity culture in Russia, besides Program. With this aim OpUS integrated best practices of works with targeted audience.



  • Season schools

    OpUS season schools are carried out twice a year and aimed at attraction of young talents to the innovative activity.

  • Programs

    OpUS Program consists of several blocks: it is possible to participate according to the participants competence, as in separate parts of the program, and in complex.


  • Science films fest

     Science films fest in Skolkovo contributes the review of the role of science in modern society, integrating more and more active and partial young scientists and innovators to the dialogue between science and arts.   

  • TEDx

    Carrying out the conferences of TEDx format, organized with the TED licence (Technology, Entertainment, Design), concentrating among Moscow and Skolkovo the most outstanding speakers.