Pfizer- pharmaceutical company, Open University Skolkovo and a cluster of biomedical technologies of Skolkovo Fund invite you on educational program.

Lectures and seminars

Program includes speeches of leading experts of Pfizer, and also ChemRar, Shimadzu, Roche, Bozlu and ACS International, Ltd.


Program participant's consultations on questions of communication with Skolkovo Innovative Center by Skolkovo Fund empolyees.


Career fair and internships in Skolkovo Innovative Center and pharmaceutical companies-partners of the program.

Program is held under the auspices of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys

These people are invited to participate as follows:

Students and postgraduates, young specialists in the sphere of chemistry, biology, medicine and allied disciplines;
employees of innovative pharmaceutical projects, biotech and pharmacompanies;
employees of companies-participants of Skolkovo project of biomedical technologies cluster and searchers of Skolkovo project participant status in the field of BMT;
Those who are interested in understanding how pharma works, who works in this field of science.

Program includes:

Review of pharmaindustry, of world's pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies Development of biological drugs. Comparison with low-molecular drugs
What is the invention of drugs. Basics of intellectual property protection Opening of biomarkets for clinical researches
Drug targets and its validation Clinical researches- way to registration
Introduction to medical chemistry What goes after the termination of challenges? A request for registration of drug. Drug's "life" after entrance to the market
Molecular modeling in the development of drugs

According to the results there was conducted a test followed with giving a named certificate.

The best three participants received an opportunity to continue education on extra-manual magister course on pharmaceutic medicine, organized by the international High School of extra-mutual master education
Hibernia College (Dublin, Ireland)  under the auspices of Pfizer.
English is the language of education

Date and place:

Program was held in the period of the middle of March to the end of April 2014. Some part of events was totally english.

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, 4).

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