Skolkovo Technopark comprises
resident companies
Communal Use Centers
Business Service Centers
accredited service companies
The 23,000 sq. m Technopark is where science meets business, creating a special innovative ecosystem.
With us your startup is transformed into a robust international company.
With us you experience a unique atmosphere of innovation and creativity
With us your startup receives grants, tax breaks and direct access to investors
Skolkovo – An innovation city in Moscow with excellent transport links where the optimal conditions are in place not only for developing startups but also for life in general.
Skolkovo Technopark houses:
Collective Use Centers
Top technology services for Skolkovo Participants in prototype work, metrological research and biomedical services.
Accredited Providers
Support participants with accounting, jurisprudence, marketing, PR, and HR.
Modern office space in Moscow
At below-market rates
Consultation Center
Informational support on how to join the Skolkovo project, mapping out all the associated advantages.
Unique business ecosystem
Home to major international events
Technopark results
48 esident companies
Attracted 290.1 million rubles in investment
1.3 billion rubles in grants received
652 jobs within resident companies
690.2 million rubles cumulative turnover reported by Technopark residents in 2013

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