Founder and CEO
of WayRay

In a little under a year at the Skolkovo Technopark, our team has gone from a startup with a neat idea and a little research to an engineering company that’s known abroad and has big production potential. Over this time, we’ve seen serious interest in our product from the world’s leading companies, and we’ve signed contracts with some. Among them is the Russian truckmaker KAMAZ. The quick work we did with this company, in our view, was made possible by the physical proximity of our offices. The KAMAZ innovation center is also located on the territory of the Technopark, just one floor up from us, which allows us to undertake collaborative work a lot faster than usual. WayRay is developing a navigation system with an augmented reality interface. We love being part of the Russian innovation ecosystem – that’s exactly how the ‘Russian Silicon Valley’ should be, and the Skolkovo Technopark plays the most important role.

Optogard Nanotech
Executive Director
of Optogard Nanotech

At this present moment in time, Optogard Nanotech is actively realizing its strategic plan to commercialize our product in the real sector of the Russian economy. We’ve forged close contacts and signed agreements with major industrial enterprises such as OAO KAMAZ and OAO RusHydro. Being located in the Skolkovo Technopark, we are always in the center of events with Skolkovo’s unique ecosystem. Our presence here gives us the possibility to utilize all of the Technopark’s colossal potential, to take part in events, seminars and training.