«We are developing technological services for the participants of Skolkovo and third party technological companies. They are accelerating the processes of research and development. That’s why our clients are establishing their product way faster.

We have accredited 30 companies that are specializing on «Prototyping», «Biomedical services», «Metrological research», and «Experiments». We are only selecting those companies that we trust. We constantly check the quality of the services that they have offered, prices, existing equipment and the experience of the team.

Since year of 2014, our Common use centers have completed more than 450 orders. Partly, they have been completed at the expense of the microgrants of Skolkovo.

For those, who desire to create the prototype individually, there is Hackspace. We have equipped it for the projects that are involved in robotics and mobile technologies. » —

Denis Nikitin
Head of the department of R&D services

«Skolkovo» Innovation Centre is offering the services of investigation and development for the participants of the project «Skolkovo» and third party companies. We are developing our own scientific research infrastructure in the 23 laboratories of Technopark «Skolkovo» and accrediting foreign operators as Centers of collective use in the areas of «Prototyping», «Biomedical services», «Metrological research», and «Experiments».

The selection of the operators provides the customers with a high technical level of work, high-quality client service and preferential rates. Within two days after receiving the application we will get in contact with you in order to offer optimal conditions for the applicable solution of your existing problem.

Call us for a free consultation: +7 (495) 956 00 33 ext.2465


You are sure about the quality of the services

You pay less, than others

You save your time

In the process of selecting the company there are 3 stages of quality control Discount offers for participants from 20% to 50% Priority sequence in the processing of your order

Technopark «Skolkovo» is offering the participants of the «Skolkovo» project a unique opportunity which entails receiving R&D services for free at the expense of the micro-grant up to 1.5 million rubles per application in order to solve specific problems within the framework regarding investigation activities.

Every year each applicant has the ability to cover up costs of prototyping and testing. It can come up to an approximate figure of 4 million rubles.


However, other types of work which do not involve «prototyping» and «tests» are not included as part of the microgrant expenses. The details of this are portrayed on this particular page of Grant and Experts Service

Hackspace of Technopark «Skolkovo» features modern technological equipment area that enables to create your prototype. The area of 500 square meters includes the zone for machining, microelectronic soldering, co-working, space for relaxation and communication.


Advantages for the participants of «Skolkovo» are :

  • Free access to the workplace and technological equipment, the use of resources of the area for up to 12 months
  • Participation in acceleration programs
  • Grants for the prototyping, tests, protection of the intellectual property and participation in exhibitions
  • Constant increase in levels of qualification through specialised courses and educational programmes
  • Free use of the software from our partners


Technopark Companies operate under the selection mechanism – the operators of scientific research and investigation processes, that are highly qualified specialists that are capable of working with modern scientific research and production equipment and are featured with that kind of equipment, that are further on required to accelerate the participants of «Skolkovo» and other developers at every stage of R&D


Accreditation includes thorough and careful selection of the best trained and competent contractors, well-established and confirming the quality of work to the customers


Это технологические сервисы для ускорения разработки проектов и выведения продукции на рынок
ЦКП Метрологические исследования
ЦКП ПРототипирование
Инженерная лабаратория
3D Прототипирование
ЦКП Биомедицинские сервисы
Accredited CUCs provide:
High-tech equipment for carrying out scientific research
Highly qualified staff
Advanced software for data processing with high precision and speed
Streamlined business processes to achieve results fast
Preferential terms for Skolkovo residents
For Skolkovo residents only:
Skolkovo projects are given priority at CUCs and do not join
any waiting list
While other companies seek to gain access to equipment and services at market prices, Skolkovo residents receive
discounted rates
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CUCs have been accredited over 2014
orders have already been carried out by CUCs
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