Это технологические сервисы для ускорения разработки проектов и выведения продукции на рынок
ЦКП Метрологические исследования
ЦКП ПРототипирование
Инженерная лабаратория
3D Прототипирование
ЦКП Биомедицинские сервисы
Accredited CUCs provide:
High-tech equipment for carrying out scientific research
Highly qualified staff
Advanced software for data processing with high precision and speed
Streamlined business processes to achieve results fast
Preferential terms for Skolkovo residents
For Skolkovo residents only:
Skolkovo projects are given priority at CUCs and do not join
any waiting list
While other companies seek to gain access to equipment and services at market prices, Skolkovo residents receive
discounted rates
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CUCs have been accredited over 2014
orders have already been carried out by CUCs
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