Personnel services for Skolkovo residents

Need to hire a manager fast?
Can’t fill that highly-skilled vacancy?
Looking for employee-appraisal support?
Skolkovo Technopark’s personnel services are for you!

Skolkovo Technopark recommends the personnel services of accredited providers


Every organization undergoes rigorous screening, with only top professionals awarded partner status
Quality control

Regular checks help us guarantee top-quality services for our participants
Special rates
Skolkovo residents qualify
for below-market rates

A few of the services offered by accredited partners:

  • Finding and selecting specialists and managers
  • Finding and selecting top-level supervisors, coordinators, and other leading executives
  • Finding and selecting niche specialists
  • Finding and selecting foreign employees
  • Headhunting
  • Access to CV database
  • Evaluation of staff
  • Monitoring and analyzing pay levels
  • Staff training
  • Personnel audit
  • Consulting
  • Forming HR documentation
  • Building and promoting the company’s HR brand
Select your personnel services partner: