The Energy Efficiency Technologies Cluster participants are now working on projects involving the:

  • Development and launching onto the market of a new generation of wind generators of  low and medium capacity;
  • Creation of shunting locomotives of the new generation, with a hybrid drive;
  • Development of a new generation of asymmetric electrochemical condensers and creation of innovative technology for their manufacture;
  • Creation of a research centre, equipped with modern technological and metrological equipment, allowing researchers to perform a full cycle of works in the creation and optimisation of innovative semi-conductor materials, on the basis of thin-film technologies;
  • Processing the deposits of sewage water;
  • Development and improving the technology for processing of sludge and metallic raw materials, on the basis of bubble furnaces;
  • Creation of a new sub-branch of the electro-technical industry, manufacturing superconducting technology for the power industry and electrified transport.