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TheraMAB' devepolment, TAB08, is a unique immune checkpoint activator that “enables” the human immune system to detect and subsequently fight cancer cells, with potentially would be beneficial in a wide variety of cancer types. 


TAB08 has a potential be used for the cancer treatment both in monotherapy or in combination with marketed anti-PD1 drugs (>$8 Bn. Market in 2018) to enhance its efficacy.


TheraMAB LLC is an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing innovative immunotherapeutic monoclonal antibody. TheraMAB LLC focuses on the development of potential drug that, by its unique capacity to selectively modulate the activity of T-lymphocytes, may provide new treatment options for solid tumors and, potentially, other types of cancer diseases. 

Team [2]

Dr. Dmitriy Tyrsin
Dr. Dmitriy Tyrsin

CEO. In this role Dr. Tyrsin oversees TheraMAB’s policy on...

Dr. Alexey Matskevich
Dr. Alexey Matskevich

CSO. Prior to joining Bioprocess he held several senior research...