Kongran is developing ultracapacitors - a new generation of energy storage devices with high energy density and power. Unique technological achievements allow the use of graphene electrodes, asymmetric supercapacitor construction and non-aqueous electrolytes. The final product will be a license to use the supercapacitor technology. The project team includes scientists from the Biochemical Physics deparment of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


According to BCC Research, the market for ultracapacitors in 2014 will be close to $1 billion. Supercapacitors used in vehicles will compose 30 percent of the market. In this segment, the most in-demand supercapacitors are those with high energy density, which are being developed by Kongran.


Kongran is a young and innovative company leading the development of supercapacitors with improved functionality.

Investment opportunities

The need for co-investment is 10 million rubles.

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