Legend of Paladin 5 (or Chinese Paladin 5) is a PC game which Nvidia Shield’s version has just been released. This 3D RPG game itself has been so popular in China that it formed a basis for a very popular Live TV-show series called “The Chinese Paladin” which is still on TV nowadays. The PC version of this game was released in 2011 and the sales shortly reached millions of copies. You can see the first Nvidia Shield version release information on Nvidia website (available in Chinese language only at the moment).

Speaking of the game, it was initially developed by the Softstar Technology (Beijing) as a subsidiary of Daewoo Information Immortal Sword series. The plot of the game consists of different stories from the Chinese mythology. The players also empathize the great music and thoroughly elaborated storyline. So, you can really enjoy the rich and colorful gameplay, great graphics and performance which is provided by Nvidia Shield in cooperation with Eltechs ExaGear Engine technologies.

It’s worth saying that our unique ExaGear Engine technology was used for porting this game (as well as some others) to Nvidia Shield console. In brief, ExaGear Engine enables direct running x86 binary codes on ARM-based devices. Our technology includes both binary translation and virtualization, providing a very high performance for ported games. At the moment, this way of bringing x86 PC games on Android is proved to be the simplest and fastest.

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