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Aerob – project on development and commercialization of UAV control intellectual system based on algorithms and techniques of an expert assessment of surrounding influences and aircraft behavior during flight tasks performance.
The developing Adaptive Situational Control System (ASCS) represents industrial realization of the innovative automatic aviation expert managing system of a full cycle of performance of a target task on the basis of the pilotless aircraft.


Now the global market of UAV systems endures rapid growth. Low cost of operation of drones, simplicity and efficiency of their use involve growing attention to these devices from commercial business structures. The market is in a formation stage, requirements to systems like ASCS are in forming stage. Most important are:

1. Air space usage without creation of hindrances of civil aviation,
2. Increased reliability and range of flight of aircraft,
3. Obstacles evasion possibility,
4. Existence of systems of adaptation to surrounding space,
5. Automated process of data collection and recognition monitoring objects etc.

Technologies will continue to develop quickly in this market which is far from a maturity condition, and need for replacement of out-of-date systems as will support the market in an active condition.

In the market more than 100 various producers of drones some of them are are leaders on production of this sort of systems, such as: Boeing (USA), Elbit Finmeccanica (USA), IAI Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel), Sagem, and domestic producers, like Irkut Corporation, group of companies like Transas etc.

The sales volume of the world market of pilotless aviation systems made in 2010 of 3.5 billion dollars. For 2011 - 4.9 billion dollars. The current assessment of market size for the next 10 years makes 71 billion dollars.

Experts note that drone application in Russia is caused by existence of huge territories control for which drones can be effectively used. An assessment of the Russian BPLA market of 400 billion rubles (13,5 billion dollars) till 2020.


Company name: Aerob LLC Registration confirmation: 1117746268815 Skolkovo residence confirmation: 1120083 Address: OC Technopark, 5 Nobelya Str. 143026, Moscow, Russia. Aerob in links:  

Investment opportunities

 For further technology development Aerob company is looking for investments in scope of 60 million roubles for next stage realization.

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