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Regulatory T cells (T reg) are essential for maintaining peripheral tolerance, preventing autoimmune diseases and limiting chronic inflammatory diseases.
T reg have been the focus of extensive research over the past few years, and this has revealed their role in numerous diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis(MS). MS patients have reduced functional activity of T reg.
Current research demonstrated inverse interrelation between the number of T reg and disability scale EDSS in patients with MS  
One of the promising therapy options for MS is treatment with autologous regulatory T cells expanded ex vivo.  
Regenex company has developed a unique technology to reach a robust ex vivo increase in number of autologous T reg  in a short time .


There are over 150,000 patients with Multiple sclerosis in Russia.
The  average cost of treatment course per patient is about  370 k roubles per year (12 k  USD)
The  capacity of MS treatment market in Russia can be estimated at about  55,5 bn roubles (1,8 bn USD)


Regeneх  is Russian biotech company, founded in 2011.

Our goal is to develop innovative cell therapy for autoimmune diseases and bring it to Russian market.

Regeneх cooperates with the leading medical research centers: Russian National Research Medical University named after Nikolay Pirogov, Research Center of Neurology Russian Academy of Medical Sciencies, Research Institute of Rheumatology Russian Academy of Medical Sciencies.

Investment opportunities

Regenex company is seeking for investment up to  10 million roubles for further project development .

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