Dauriya Aerospace

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Dauria Aerospace  is first private hold developer and manufactory low-cost satellites in the Russia.
Company is going on for the unified standard satellite platform for fast development low-cost satellites and regular affordable cluster launches of small satellites.
Dauria Aerospace is the first private company signed the public-private partnership agreement with Roskosmos and Lavochkin Assocoation.


The Project is implemented in Russia and generates the following Products:

•Satellites and satellite platforms

In addition, 

•Space application services, particularly from the data generated from the satellites built by the Project

The main customers for the Product are:

•Global commercial customers or public-private jointly financed projects 

•Institutional customers in Russia


  Our project aims to:

·         development of the unified platform of small satellites by a private company with attraction of investments of foreign companies;

·         complete development, launch, automated control and distribution of services of space vehicles designed for solution of telecommunication tasks, Earth remote sensing, scientific researchers in the space;

·         regular low-cost cluster launch system development and operational control;

·         promotion of space industry development in conditions of public-private partnership.

To achieve the project objectives Dauria Aerospase uses world experience of similar companies; employs the cross-disciplinary specialists experienced in the field of development of small satellites in the space industries of Russia, Europe, US; comprehensively uses in production of domestic and foreign standards of work organization and quality management; apply in manufacturing the up-to-date board units and subsystems produced by innovative foreign.
The expected results of the project shall allow to reduce of lead time and implementation of space projects, significant reduction of costs for satellites development; creation of conditions for fast integration of Russian hardware and instruments developers; to get world’s competitive satellites; to increase number and variety of Russian space missions due to reduction of each mission cost; to reduce financial risks connected with failed launches and unsuccessful implementation of space programs.
Company improve the collaboration with space companies in the Europe, US, adopt their experience and competences in the space industry. Dauria Aerospace is active participator a lot of world conferences, international space programs.

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