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Geomera focuses on development and supplying of fully automatic geometry measurement solutions. Now our main application is measurement of oil and gas pipe and coupling thread. We can measure outside and inside pipe geometry. Our customers are pipe production plants, which want to make auto quality inspection on production line, decrease measurement time from 30 minutes manual inspection to 1 minute and avoid human factor in measurements.

For these purposes we use our unique patented 3D laser scanner and software. Also we are technological partner of Hexagon Metrology (one of the biggest geometry quality control company in the world) and we use their coordinate measurement machines as positioning systems. During our development we achieved 4 micron accuracy and verified it. Now we develop feedback option for CNC to make online production correction. Online analysis of parts geometry changes will prevent equipment failures and defects of production.


The capacity of the global market for drilling pipes can be estimated from the Oil Country Tubular Goods study, which forecasts $ 59 billion by 2019 (MarketsandMarkets). According to these data, at 2019 it will amount to $ 59 billion. With an annual growth of 7% by 2025, it will be almost $ 90 billion. About 22% of products will be premium type at 2019, and this share will increase to 25% by 2025. About 50% of them will go to the development of shelf deposits. The share of dimensional inspection in the prime cost of premium production is approximately 5%. Marginality is an average of 100%. About $ 184 million will be spent on the dimensional inspection of the premium pipes and couplings at 2019, since the input and output dimensional inspection can be multiplied by 2. The amount is $ 368 million. By 2025, this amount will be about $ 553 million.


LLC Geomera was established in 2012 by people from the radio engineering faculty of the Ural Federal University. Over the years, the company has carried out in-depth research and development in the field of laser scanning and measurement of complex parts.

We have experienced team and sales of our equipment in Russia.

Geomera’s technology partner is Hexagon Metrology S.p.A, the largest manufacturer of geometry measurement systems in the world.

The strategic partner and investor is the large IT company Naumen.

Also, the partner of Geomera is the Ural Federal University.

Investment opportunities

We are interested in partners who are deep involved in manufacturing and restoration of oil/gas pipes and couplings.
Also, we are ready to held cooperative R&D. Besides, we are looking for a clients and partners, who have problems with high accuracy and performance dimensional inspection, because we can solve them.

Team [1]

Lavrinov Dmitriy
Lavrinov Dmitriy

CEO. The author of the project idea. Manages the development...