About education project of robotics

Scientific-technical project "Laboratory of robotics "UMKI" is the educational-methodical complex, which allowing to realize the variety of organizational forms of work and taking into account individual peculiarities of any child to have classes in the system of additional education of children.

Lessons can be organized in the framework of the facultative work in the schools and educational activities in the children's camps.

Educational and methodical complex is oriented on the children in the age of 9-15 years, wishing to be engaged in engineering work, programming, design, and research work.

Program of educational and methodical complex "Laboratory of robotics UMKI" are developed in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards for primary and basic education, and was tested in the framework of the all-Russian part-time school of Young technicians FCTTU with the holding of specialized shifts on the basis of the children's holiday camps, and has also been successfully used in a number of schools of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The software, which was specially developed for this course, allows to organize the work of the individual modules of robotic platforms in distributed networks, where smart cars are able to communicate with each other and exchange data.

Schoolchildren work on a programming language "KUMIR". They program the actions of their models and use them to solve problems, which are creative problems in the course of mathematics, computer science, technology, physics, chemistry, ecology.


Relevance of the project

Today, there is a shortage professions of engineering specialities in the labour market. We must begin the revival of interest to the exact Sciences and mass popularization of the engineering profession. It is necessary to develop children's interest in inventive activity and scientific and technical creativity in early children age.

The most promising way in this direction - is robotics, which allowing playfully introduce children to the sciences. Robotics is an effective method for the study of important areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and enters into a new international paradigm: STEM-education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).


Organization of laboratory robotics - is:

- introduction of innovative scientific and practical technology (sensor networks) in to the learning process;

- promoting children's scientific and technical work;

- popularization of the engineering profession and advances in robotics;

- expansion of communication.

An additional advantage of the study is developing a robotics team that will be able to participate in regional, national and international conferences and competitions in robotics, which significantly increases the motivation of pupils to acquire knowledge.


            Learning according to the developed program, the children acquire basic serious engineering knowledge, raise their informational, technical and research culture, formation of skills of a collective work, i.e. occurs upbringing and development of their personality, which meet the requirements of the information society.

    When joining to the network of the educational robotics «UMKI»:

     Teachers have the opportunity of the organization of extracurricular activities for children according to requirements of the new Federal State Educational Standards in primary and basic education.

     In case of the remote classroom learners, teachers can carry out functions of a tutor.

    In case of the resultant completion learners each annual course Lab UMKI, teachers get the opportunity of direct participation with the learners in the annual all-Russian festival of "RobotoBUM".

           Teachers get the status of «teacher-innovator».

            Educational institutions:

- get the status of an approbation platform;

- free publication of methodological developments of teachers, educational institutions.

- works of learners are published in materials of conference «RobotoBUM» and the educational sites of community of robotics.

        All learners, teachers and educational institutions take part in the work of the network of educational robotics «UMKI» receive diplomas and certificates of participants of each training event, which presented the projects of the participants of the international scientific-practical conference «RobotoBUM», the all-Russian festival «RobotoBUM», network educational platform Laboratory «UMKI».


The company is engaged in the development and implementation of wireless sensor networks and monitoring systems in various application areas. "LINTECH" is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Fund since May 2013.        

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