Smart analysis and proactive management of the technical condition of sites and equipment.


About the project

The Infotech Group’s subsidiary company Holocron has developed an automated system for monitoring, diagnostics and forecasting the condition of technological facilities and equipment.

The system performs smart data analysis from sensors (IIoT) and predicts a change in the state of objects during their operation, in order to reduce costs, as well as the risk of failures and downtime.

The system is primarily geared towards the needs of electric grid companies, including forecasting the condition of cable networks, with subsequent application in other areas, such asurban infrastructure, transport, industry, etc.


Innovative component

The system developed by Holocron, surpasses existing industry solutions, supplementing their capabilities with the Internet of Things technologies: Event Stream Processing + IoT Analytics.


Holocron — the Infotech Group’s subsidiary company.    

Team [3]

Daniil Grankin
Daniil Grankin

Project manager

Alexei Potapov
Alexei Potapov

Architect of information systems