As part of the Skolkovo project, Z-Wave.Me is developing solutions for home automation based on the Z-Wave protocol.

Key products:


Z-Way software is used to manage smart home network based on the Z-Wave protocol and integrate smart home devices into other systems through the API.

The modular structure of our software makes it easy to integrate it into customer solutions. Cross-platform code allows using it on various operating systems (Linux, OpenWRT, Android) and different types of processors (ARM, MIPS, x86/x64).

Complete turnkey smart home set

Based on the Z-Way software, own devices and devices of our partners from the Z-Wave Alliance, we offer the creation of a complete set of a smart home devices on a turn-key basis. We take into account the requirements of the customer, we help with expertise and selection of the equipment, we carry out integration with the customer's cloud platform and mobile applications.


Z-Uno is a device for creating your own Z-Wave devices. The ideal solution for private customers and installers to expand the capabilities of the Z-Wave network, as well as for companies interested in the release of their own pilot Z-Wave devices in small quantities (up to 1000 pieces).

Thanks to Z-Uno, you can quickly (in less than two weeks) add Z-Wave support to your current devices.


Z-Wave.Me (Smart Systems Ltd.) specializes in the creation of software, devices and complete solutions in the field of home automation and smart home.

We specialize in the Z-Wave protocol and help other companies create their own solutions on this technology.