With the support of Skolkovo, our company decided to create a Braille Pad. Braille Pad is a device which displays the text information using the symbols of the Braille in multiline format. The specialty of the device is that it's the first multiline device among the analogues which is produced in a tablet format. It consists of 70 independent meshes displaying the letters to allow to read the text and push it as a button of a keyboard, which allow to type the text. The device allows a blind person to touch the image (picture, graphs, maps, etc.)


According to the latest report of the World Health Association there’re more than 7 million deafblind and more than 285 million blind people in the world. 


Research, development, creation and production of innovative engineering solutions for rehabilitation, well-being of people with visual and hearing impairments. Meeting the needs through expanding their opportunities and eliminating the barriers that people with disabilities face in communication, education, employment, transportation and independent living.


Help to socialize and improve the health and well-being of people with visual disabilities with the help of technologies.

Investment opportunities

We are open to cooperation with large investors in the North American market.

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Theodor Belomoev
Theodor Belomoev

To date, Fedor is a founder and CEO of the 4Blind company...