Skolkovo resident VisionLabs and the smart building systems developer Alphaopen have launched a smart home system that uses face recognition technology to enable residents to enter their building without a key and to reach their floor without pressing a lift button.

To enter the building, residents can simply look into the intercom system’s video camera. The technology is in use in Moscow’s new LITSA smart housing complex built by the Russian developer Capital Group, and also includes an outdoor system that recognizes vehicles entering the territory.

The system features an Internet of Things Wi-Fi network throughout the building, using software designed by Alphaopen that enables the building to be equipped with a multitude of innovative solutions and digital services. Building residents can access a whole range of service via a mobile app, ranging from a concierge and system for ordering guest passes to room service and food delivery. Residents can also install smart devices in their apartments and control them via the mobile app from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Alexander Khanin, CEO and founder of VisionLabs. Photo:

“Face recognition technology not only enables residents of the building complex to be sure of its security, it also enables them to make use of all the possibilities offered by a smart building,” said Alexander Khanin, CEO of VisionLabs, a resident of Skolkovo’s IT cluster and a world leader in the field of computer vision and machine learning.

“Together with our partners, we’re creating a new everyday experience that might cause amazement right now, but which in the near future will become totally normal and commonplace,” said Khanin, whose LUNA face recognition system is already in use at more than 40 banks in Russia and the CIS.

“Two key factors are necessary to create innovative solutions for a smart building: modern products and technology – such as face recognition, contactless ID and smart Internet of Things devices – and a “digital brain:” Alphalogic software that unites all the systems, devices and technology in modern digital services for residents, tenants and management companies,” said Alexei Kucheruk, commercial director of Alphaopen.

The LITSA complex contains about 1,000 apartments. The face recognition system is fully up and running in the first of seven parts of the complex that is already in use.

In global ratings such as Labelled Faces in the Wild, compiled by the University of Massachusetts, VisionLabs is consistently in the top five algorithms in terms of the quality of recognition.

In November 2017, Russian state banking behemoth Sberbank acquired a 25.07 percent stake in VisionLabs.