• Step across the abyss and achieve success

  • The first attendees of Skolkovo Open University, which is part of the ecosystem of the Innovation Centre, were 105 graduate students and young scientists, selected from among 500 finalists currently studying...
  • 22.04.2011
  • Moscow hosted the All-Russia Imagine Cup 2011 finals

  • Skolkovo Foundation and RSU Higher School of Economics were partners of the event; the competition was also supported by other organizations including UNESCO IITE, Russian Venture Company, the companies...
  • 21.04.2011
  • Мы подписали соглашение с ТПП

  • Соглашение заключено с целью содействия разработке, производству и экспорту высокотехнологичной промышленной продукции путем обеспечения поддержки на внутреннем и внешнем рынках российских организаций...
  • 19.04.2011
  • Skolkovo: Jubilee Cosmonautics Day

  • Representatives of Futurussia of Skolkovo Foundation, students of the leading universities, young professionals in the field of innovation and technology, and journalists gathered to celebrate the half...
  • 12.04.2011

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