Skolkovo Resident Brings Sleep Cube to Kazakhstan Market

18 октября 2022 г.

The Sleep and Wakefulness Neurotechnologies Center launches sales of the deep Sleep Cube device in Kazakhstan. The Russian technological gadget operates silently and safely: it creates weak impulses of the electric field, thanks to which it is easier to fall asleep, sleep deeper, and wake up easier. Deep is already being used by people with sleep disorders in 24 countries around the world.



Between the planet and the ionosphere there are electromagnetic waves, and on the day side their amplitude is 10 times higher than on the night side. This mechanism regulates circadian biorhythms. If neglected, the quality of sleep and life suffer. The deep cube generates weak impulses similar to natural electromagnetic fields of natural origin. This helps to calm the brain and return it to the nature-like rhythm necessary for healthy sleep.


Emissions in the range of 1-8 Hz stimulate deep sleep, and in the range of 30-49 Hz they make it superficial, from which awakening becomes more comfortable. You just need to put the cube at arm's length and turn it on for the night.


Yulia Shcheglova, Senior Project Manager of the Biomedical Technology Cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation: “Deep’s entry into a new market will allow the residents of Kazakhstan to sleep better, and our participant will continue research and get closer to registering deep as a medical product.”


Ilya Blokhin, General Director of the Sleep and Wakefulness Neurotechnologies Center: “It is no coincidence that we decided to enter the Kazakhstan market. On the basis of the Almaty Innovation and Research Center, the team of creators of the Sleep Cube prototype took part in many competitions and conferences. For example, the prototype of the device won the main prize at TECH GARDEN Startup Day 2015, and in 2016 we took first place at the Skolkovo Startup Tour in Almaty. Thanks to this, it was possible to conduct research in comfortable conditions, as well as gain access to modern scientific infrastructure.”

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