Skolkovo Resident Receives EU Quality Certification

15 июля 2020 г.

The company, Habilect, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation Biomedical Technologies Cluster, received eight European certificates of quality for its rehabilitation system. The CE marking allows for the medical product to be exported to the European Union.


The CE certificates for all eight developed systems certify that the Habilect rehabilitation system meets the required safety and quality standards of the European Union. The certificates are valid throughout the European Union, allowing for the Russian product to be distributed and promoted freely.

Alexei Kozlov, CEO of Habilect: “We recently started getting more requests for the Habilect system from European companies and clinics. On this basis, there was a real necessity to get certification for our systems according to European CE standards. Upon receiving the certificates, we yet again confirmed the high quality and safety of the Habilect system, which was developed by our company. The system has great prospects and good export potential. Right now, there are already requests from Germany, Austria, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.”

Habilect is a multifunctional medical system based on a high-accuracy contactless sensor for biomechanical diagnostics of movements, for analyzing the center of gravity, prescribing physiotherapy exercise courses (including biological feedback and game scenarios), and controlling and motivating patients both at the clinic and at home. All requirements for quality rehabilitation are incorporated into the system, but also special psychological learning features for patients suffering the after-effects of injury, stroke, musculoskeletal diseases, and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The Habilect system is a unique development of Russian manufacturing and does not have analogues. Having certification will allow the company to share the technology in rehabilitation clinics around the world. In addition, the system is already tailored for the European market - it utilizes English and has the necessary instructions and description.

Yulia Shchegova, the project manager of the Biomedical Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: “Without these certificates, not one producer would be a fully legitimate participant in the European market. The European Union always makes rigorous demands of suppliers of any goods, but especially medical goods. European clinics have long shown interest in the Habilect system, and nothing now can interfere with developing cooperation and the promotion of this Russian development outside the Russian Federation.”

Habilect LLC is a producer of innovative medical systems for diagnostics and rehabilitation. Halibect LLC is an international company and a producer of medical systems for the rehabilitation and biomechanical diagnostics of patients with movement and cognitive impairments as a result of injury and disease, for athletes, children with special developmental needs, and patients with age-related complications. The company was founded in 2015, and in 2016 it received a medical equipment registration certificate. It has been a Skolkovo resident since 2019. Habilect’s systems are being used in more than twenty Russian regions, in public and private medical establishments, in the CIS countries and in Europe. Website:

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