Возраст студентов: 13-18 лет
Численность в группе: 8 человек
Продолжительность занятий: 80 мин/ 1 раз в неделю 
Продолжительность курса: 8 месяцев
четверг 16.40-18.10 ЗАПИСАТЬСЯ В ГРУППУ
Аудитория: 3009 
Стоимость: 8000 руб./ 1 месяц
Старт занятий: 4 октября 2018


Innovation does not occur only in the fields of science. The entertainment that we watch and listen to every day is the result of the hard work and ‘experiments’ of creative minds and people, who brainstormed ideas and followed them through to the end.  

This course will not be an English grammar and style course, although students will have the chance to work directly with a native English speaker on their projects. 

 Emphasis will be on various aspects of the creative process:

- idea generation

- choosing an audience and writing for them

- giving and receiving feedback

- the reviewing and editing process

- avoiding clichés

- pacing

- overcoming ‘writer’s block’

Students will be able to choose their final project for the course. Idea for projects include, but are not limited to the following: 

- a short story (or collection of stories)

- a stand-up comedy routine

- a play

- a pilot episode for a TV serial

- a collection of songs

- the first chapters of a novel 

Students will have assistance with English, so an advanced level is not required. Interest in developing his or her creative mindset is the most important requisite for the course. 

"I believe once per week for 16 weeks is enough to create a final product: a collection of short stories, with each student providing 2-3 (in English, or Russian)." 

 Patrick Fitzerald