According to the Federal Law on Skolkovo, strategic computer technologies and software are included in the list of priority directions, their development being encouraged and supported by the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The activities of the cluster are focused primarily on the development of the following strategic IT areas:

New technologies for search, recognition and processing of  audio, video and graphics 

  1. New solutions for searching, recognition and processing of audio, video and images
  2. Application of semantics (sense) for information search and analysis.
  3. New technologies in computer aided translation systems

New environments and tools for development and testing

  1. New libraries, frameworks and programming languages for software development
  2. New and effective requirements management and systems engineering tools for verification and debugging during development of complex systems;
  3. New cross-platform development tools.

Development Of Communication And Navigation Technologies

  1. New ways of improving efficiency and security of existing communications, including wireless and optical;
  2. New technologies for wired (including optical) and wireless communications;
  3. New geo-information and navigation systems (including global positioning technologies);

New technologies for processing, storage and visualization of information

  1. Development of new nano-devices for storing and processing of information (tunnel transistors, spintronics; resistive, nano-mechanical and other new memory elements) for energy efficient devices;
  2. New research and development in quantum informatics, photonics, nanophotonics and metamaterials, including integrated optical systems
  3. Development of new high-speed electronic and optical devices and materials for advanced methods, including optical and wireless networks;
  4. Hardware and software for man-machine interfaces
  5. New technologies and materials for creating nanoscale optical and electronic components;
  6. New display technologies

Development of new high performance computing systems and data storage

  1. New algorithms and technologies for parallel computing and data processing.
  2. Development of new architectures, connection topologies and interaction protocols for better energy efficiency, fault tolerance and reducing of time exchange between system components.
  3. New applications for supercomputers; exaflop computers,
  4. New hardware and software for high-performance and reliable data storage systems.
  5. Neuromorphic computer technologies, including new algorithms, software and hardware solutions.

Information Technologies Security

  1. New biometric system and identification;
  2. New applications and infrastructure solutions to increase safety of internet , engineering and business systems
  3. New applications and infrastructure solutions to prevent fraud and cyber attacks and conduct cyber investigations;
  4. New applications and infrastructure solutions for data protection in the cloud and distributed computing environment;

Mobile, embedded and wearable devices as well as software for them

  1. Personal mobile devices (wearable electronics). New devices and interfaces for the "Internet of things";
  2. New integrated sensors and sensor networks;
  3. New technology elements of the network infrastructure data, linking physical and virtual objects through the collection, processing and analysis of the data;
  4. Operating systems and applications for mobile, embedded and wearable electronics;