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Project “Hybrid Locomotives”

A switch engine locomotive with a hybrid engine TEM9N "SinaraHybrid" contains a number of innovative solutions:

1. Use of a combined energy accumulator consisting of a battery and supercapacitor

2. Use of automatic fuel injection timing, allowing the increase in fuel efficiency of a diesel engine and the life of a diesel generator

3. Use of motor-axial bearings

4. Integrated nose drive with three-phase cage rotor AC drive motor  

5. Use of hard bands  

6. Modular assembly of the locomotive

7. A customized microprocessor control system allowing direct torque control and reducing transmission losses in traction

8. The use of energy-efficient LED technologies in the lighting design increase the reliability of the locomotive and significantly (almost twice as much) reduces power consumption

9. Lowered hood design, allowing all-round visibility from the cab

10. The use of external surveillance cameras can virtually eliminate the presence of dead zones

11. A special diesel exhaust system eliminating the possibility of exhaust fumes on the windshield and the driver's cab

12. The use of the pre-launch Webasto diesel heating system allows the locomotive to be started at temperatures as low as -50C

13.380V power outlet

14.Cockpit video recorder

15.Use of a system for intelligent path prediction.


The Market

At present JSC "Russian Railways" operates 20,300 locomotives, of which 10 500 locomotives have the traditional power layout.

According to "Russian Railways" there are about 6000 units of shunting locomotives, with wear and tear over 50%. Also, Russian industrial enterprises operate 7-8 thousand shunting locomotives with diesel engines.

Evaluation of market demands

The stock of shunting locomotives is characterized by the following parameters:

  • The average age of locomotives is more than 30 years (the life span of the locomotive - 40 years)
  • Normal wear and tear of the locomotive stock is over 70% (more than 7000 diesel locomotives)

In the next 5-10 years, the owners of the worn locomotives will be seeking a replacement for the  locomotives coming out of service with new stock which will ensure lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

"Russian Railways" has confirmed demand for not less than 120 locomotives in 5 years.

In addition to the "Russian Railways" demand, the potential market for " STM Center of Innovation Development " is Russian industry, with estimated demand for not less than 280 units in the next 5-7 years.

CIS countries are also considered as a significant market for shunting locomotives, in particular: Kazakhstan (with a considerably large railroad network), Ukraine and Belarus .

"Russian Railways" interest in a locomotive purchase is confirmed by the protocol for the meeting dedicated to the development of switch engine locomotives with hybrid drives from March 31, 2011. The concept for creating a locomotive designed by "STM Center of Innovation Development" was approved at the meeting.


The Company: "STM  Center of Innovative Development" Established on December 3, 2010 JSC Sinara Group together with "Sinara - Transport Machinery" to develop models of the new generation of rolling stock and power systems.. The main objective of the STM Center of Innovative Development  is concentrated research and development activity in the field of transport engineering. The work focuses on the design approach. The Center is actively engaging leading Russian and foreign scientists as scientific advisors.  "STM  Center of Innovative Development" has been a member of  the "Energy efficiency and energy saving" cluster at "Skolkovo" innovation center since December 2010. Contact information: Moscow  Office: 105062, Moscow, Podsosensky Lane 20, 1 Tel.: (495) 775-76-00 (ext. 2746) Fax: (495) 775-76-00 (ext. 2933) Email.: ZubikhinAV@sinara-group.com Yekaterinburg Office: 620026, Ekaterinburg, ul. Rozy Luxembourg, 51 Tel.: (343) 310-33-00 Fax: (343) 310-33-01

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