Playkey, cloud gaming service


Playkey is a cloud gaming service that allows gamers all over the world to play the latest and hottest video games —even the most modern and system-intensive ones— on most popular devices.


Using a network of powerful gaming servers, Playkey runs games in the cloud and provides the user with a high-quality video stream of the game. The user interacts with the game in real-time through the Playkey client. This makes the user’s hardware and system configuration completely irrelevant.


Playkey is powered by a proprietary video encoding and streaming technology which guarantees top notch graphics and high processing speed. There is no longer any need to download and install a videogame, or even to invest in expensive hardware. Playing in the cloud is now as easy as watching an online-video!



Playkey is a cloud gaming service that allows gamers all over the world to play the latest hottest video games on outdated PC and laptops. It is possible because of proprietary video encoding and streaming technology.


Playkey's Hystory fact-sheet:


2011  - “Igrovye reshenia” LLC is registered.


2012 - research and development works are started under the Enaza Cloud Games brand. The development are based on video streaming technology, which allows a video of game launched on remote servers to be transferred to an end user’s PC. The first official game publisher contracts are settled.


2013 - The Playkey brand is created. The team demonstrates the first working prototype of the PC (WindowsOS, MacOS) service at the 15th international forum-exhibition CSTB-2013 Telecom & Media  in Moscow.

  • In autumn at the Games Night Perm event, Playkey launches World of Warplanes  on a single-board, bank card-sized  RasberryPi computer, providing incontestable evidence that PC configuration is irrelevant even for hardware-intensive video games.  

  • Playkey won the CloudsNNStartUpAwards in the startup contest, as part of the international service-providing forum CloudsNN 2013 in Nijniy Novgorod.


2014 - Playkey presents the closed beta-version of the service at the 18th international video games exhibition «Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014»(«E3 2014») in Los-Angeles.

  • Playkey is presented to large-scale video games publishers at the annual international exhibition Gamescom-2014  in Cologne.

  • Playkey presents a prototype of the service working on an internet-operator set-top box at the 16th international forum-exhibition CSTB-2014.

  • In december 2014 the Playkey service is launched as a financial operation.


2015 -  The previous “subscription for games catalogue” business-model is replaced by a “server capacity rent” model.  Top-rated games become available in the service library. An official Playkey-Ubisoft contract makes it possible to extend the catalogue with top-rated games such as Far Cry, the Assassin’s Creed series, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow the Six: Siege. With the change in business model, Playkey experiences a breakthrough and increases sales by 2000% in 3 months.

  • The Playkey cloud gaming service wins the Skolkovo grant in the “Technologies for game development” nomination of the Web&Tech Ready 2015 contest.

2016 - Playkey enters the international video games market, starting with the United Kingdom service launch.

Investment opportunities

Playkey is ready to collaborate with investors in order to expand international markets.  For details, please, send a request for Playkey's Project Information Memorandum. 

Team [3]

Egor Gurev, CEO,  Playkey founder
Egor Gurev, CEO, Playkey founder

Egor develops IT-technology for the people’s benefit. His...

Aleksey Lykov, CTO Playkey
Aleksey Lykov, CTO Playkey

Alexey brings ideas to life and manages almost everything...

Vadim Andreev, VP gaming strategy
Vadim Andreev, VP gaming strategy

Vadim is the first person in the team who gets to know which...