• A forum of robots, a meeting of minds

  • The third Skolkovo Robotics International Conference was a runaway success, attracting a wide array of participants from all corners of the planet and, critically, encouraging the discipline to flourish...
  • 24.03.2015
  • 10 simple rules for international success

  • ALMATY, Kazakhstan – As part of the March 19-20 Startup Tour in Kazakhstan’s second city, Skolkovo’s startup guru Pekka Viljakainen gave a master-class on initiating a high-tech business...
  • 24.03.2015
  • Skolkovo becoming synonymous with Russian robotics

  • Skolkovo is fast uniting the entire Russian robotics industry due to the synergies offered inside the ecosystem, says the foundation’s vice president and executive director of the IT Cluster, Igor...
  • 22.03.2015
  • ‘A wonderful day to start a business’

  • ALMATY, Kazakhstan - Pekka Viljakainen is sick to the back teeth of hearing people blame the lack of startups on the financial crisis. A national Kazakh television network interviews Pekka Viljakainen...
  • 19.03.2015
  • Business angels brandish tridents at pitch session

  • Angel investors may earn their nickname in the noble quest to rescue cash-starved startups, but, as revealed in a recent meeting of the Skolkovo Business Angels Club, they can be positively fiendish in...
  • 17.03.2015

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